European Windows & Doors Maintenance Guide

  • Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaners on wood or glass. Do not use sharp instruments to clean glass.
  • Do not drop or jar window or door units; any jar or shock may break the glass or glazing seal.
  • Handle with clean canvas gloves or clean hands so product remains clean and oil-free.
  • When moving window or door units, carry them; do not drag them.
  • Store in a clean, dry, well-ventilated building; not in damp, moist or extremely humid environments. Avoid high temperature storage, such as a metal storage container.
  • While in storage, cover to keep clean. It is important that wood is kept DRY and free of water, dirt and oil.
  • At all time, please ensure that all threshold and windows sill weeps to be clean from construction debris and that the weep systems are in a working condition.
  • Always adjust the units during installation to ensure that the units work.
  • Within 1 week after the installation, please ensure that ALL stickers are removed as they may leave marks on the glass forever.
  • Protect the windows during construction, to avoid damaging them.

WARNING: At all time, always strap the unit to the wall or the forklift in order to avoid injury. Do not remove the sash to the frame in order to avoid injury. Prevent falling thru windows with guard rail.

Operating & Safety instruction

It is imperative to observe the following directives in order to preserve the long operativeness of your window and to guarantee the security

Do not place any objects between the sash and frame. Do not leave sashes open in the turn-modus during strong winds. Do not allow the sash to hit of press up against the window reveal. Do not subject the sash to additional loads.

Greasing & Oiling instruction

In order to maintain the smooth operation of your Bieber windows & door and protect it against premature wear and tear it is necessary to vacuum the top part of the sash right after the construction work is done, then grease and oil all operation-relevant components in the sash and frame at least once a year. Security strikers made of steel require continuous greasing to avoid unnecessary abrasive. The hardware may only be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild, pH-neutral cleaning agent in diluted form. Never use aggressive, acid cleaners or abrasive cleaning agents. This can lead to hardware damage.

Locking cam V adjustment

The Locking Cam adjustment allows the unit to either bring the sash tighter to the frame or to ease the handle operation.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.43.11 AM
Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.54.03 AM

Hinge side E5 adjustment

Concealed hinge adjustment

Roto handle installation

The Roto Handle is installed on the window sash and it has to be in the turn-mode. To dismantle an old one, apply the instructions in the reverse order.

You must maintain the finish to provide continued protection of the wood. Not maintaining the exterior and interior finishes can cause permanent damage to the product. Lack of proper maintenance can cause product performance to deteriorate. An inspection every six months on painted surfaces is necessary and every 90 days on stain finish surfaces. Do not power-wash the windows and doors. We recommend using the “Wood stain and paint cleaner and conditioner” to remove all the dirt on top of the finish coat and remoisture the coat and it will provide more durable to the wood protective coat.


  • Casement and awning operator hinges and locks should be lubricated every 2 years. Use white Lithium grease on the hardware gears and silicone spray on hinge tracks and locks. Be sure to clean the areas needing lubricant prior to applying the lubricant.
  • Sliding and lift & slide door hardware should be lubricated on a yearly basis. This includes the lock mechanism and door roller wheels and track. Use silicone spray. Clean track before applying lubricate.

Exterior, Joint Maintenance & Weather-stripping

  • Be sure to inspect all exterior wood joints every 6 months. This includes the stucco/brick mold joint, frame joint or frame sill nose joint. If any joint is not sealed, repair and refinish the parts involved.
  • Be sure to inspect all exterior clad finish every year. This includes the stucco/brick mold joint and complete frame. If any rust or unfinished part is exposed to the elements, then sealed, repair and refinish the parts involved or replace it if it is corroded.
  • Be sure to inspect all hinges every year. This includes the search for rust or any sign of corrosion. If any rust/corrosion is found, replace the part immediately with an equivalent approved hinge.
  • Check weather-stripping on a 2 year schedule. Replace as needed. The weather-stripping is an important part of the product. It helps keep water and air from penetrating to the interior of the home.

Coastal Clad additional unit maintenance requirement

  • In order to maintain the appearance and extend the finish life on clads units, it is necessary to proceed to a normal and regular maintenance (including hardware). It is required to maintain the Warranty. Windows and doors which are located near to a salt concentration water (20 miles) have to follow a systematic fresh water cleaning program so as to prevent the accumulation of concentrated salt deposits.

French doors adjustment

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.06.15 AM

F = Screw

HF = Blocking screw for height adjustment

SI = With safety extraction

A = Adjustment pressure

H = Height adjustment

S = Side adjustment

Installation: Hinging the sash

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.13.20 AM

Unhinging the sash

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.15.04 AM

Warning: Manipulate with extreme carefully, the sash can fall on once the first pin is removed.

Installation: Hinging the sash. Stay arm / tilt restrictor / anti-slam device

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.01.40 PM