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Forest Stewardship Council Certification

Bieber is a member of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

FSC is an international non-profit organization, that brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by detrimental forestry practices and to reward good forest management. FSC’s mission is the promotion of environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests.
The FSC certification is recognized by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building program, and is being used in hundreds of projects across North America.

Wood is a unique and renewable material.

  • As trees grow they naturally absorb CO ² from the atmosphere.
    A typical tree absorbs 0.9 tonnes of carbon for every cubic metre of growth. Trees are essential in the fight against climate change. So if you order wood windows, you are reducing the CO²
  • When a tree is felled, it continues to store carbon for the remainder of its life as a wood product or in part of a building.
    We grow more trees in Europe than we fell, thus creating an increase in forest across Europe by the equivalent of 100 soccer pitches per hour.
  • A cubic metre of wood contains roughly 0.8 tonnes CO ²
  • By using wood as a substitute for other building materials, you can save more CO ² by preventing emissions entering the atmosphere.
    On average, wood used as a substitute for concrete or steel will save a further 1.1. tonnes of CO ² creating a total saving of 2 tonnes per cubic metre.
  • Wood is thermally efficient.
    Unlike many other construction materials, wood’s natural thermal properties mean that there is little or no heat transfer from outside faces to inside. As a glulam beam, that means it can be used in place of steel, which conducts cold from outside to inside.
  • Achieving low-energy housing is more cost-effective using timber-frame construction than conventional brick and block. W ell constructed timber frame dwellings can comfortably deliver significantly better levels of air permeability than the required limit under building regulation requirements, by using 140mm stud solutions and full depth insulation, can achieve 0.27 W/mK
  • Wood windows help in reducing energy in the home in the same way as PVC-U windows do and have an additional advantage of enhancing the value of the property.
    Wood windows which are double glazed and painted in the factory have 30 year durability warranties, paint guarantees of up to 10 years and can provide improved energy ratings, beyond Part L requirements depending on the type of glass selected. Wood windows are easier to triple glaze too.
  • Wood is predictable in a fire. Unlike metals, wood retains its strength in a fire and doesn’t sag , bend or melt. As it chars, it acts as an insulator; its rate of burn can be easily calculated and predicted. Wood can be treated with flame retardants which smother flames and prevent a fire from taking hold.
    Wood has benefits to our health and well-being.
  • Wood can combat bacteria and micro-organisms which often exist on other material surfaces.
    In the home it can be safely used in chopping boards or worktops.
  • Wood floors not only look good, often cost less than other floor materials but have health benefits too.
    Wood flooring not only looks good but doesn’t harbour mites and dust which leads to allergies. The ideal flooring material for asthma sufferers and other allergy sufferers.

Wood as an alternative fuel source

Wood is used throughout the world as fuel for cooking and heating. Wood is becoming more widely used in the UK for power or heat and is particularly cost-effective in rural areas.

Recycling and re-use of wood

  • Many wood-producing companies such as sawmills and processors use wood and wood waste to provide power and heating in their factories. Wood processing waste is also used in chipboard production, or for animal bedding. About 1 million tonnes of post consumer waste is used in chipboard production.
  • Wood can be easily repaired and re-used.
    Why recycle when you can repair or re-use? Many wood products are re-used or re-machined into other products, such as railway sleepers as a garden design material or re-machined from large sections into floor boards and wood profiles.

And Finally

  • Wood is renewable and forest certification schemes and chain of custody help the wood industry to prove it is so.
  • Wood has aesthetic appeal. The huge variety of wood species make wood appealing to all tastes and design requirements Bieber Wood Windows are timeless!
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