Project Highlights “Location: Southern California” :

  • Tall Lift and Slide doors open up the outdoor when you are inside. It creates the feel of an open space, with L shape stainless steel tracks for minimal step.
  • Bieber created 12′ glass system for the unforgettable ocean view floor to ceiling that were made with a double pane glass.
  • Bieber windows Interiors had a factory prefinished wood that allows you to enjoy the exotic wood in this setting.

Building Type

  • Single family residence


The Bieber Custom Wood windows, made with superior prefinished wood, in a style that allows creativity as Architect enjoy the ultra-modern design. This inspiring estates is very unique in design and comfort.

Bieber Window and Door are using the latest in window and door technology, designed to perform exceptionally well in all climates, including harsh, humid coastal conditions.

Product Details

  • Bieber Exterior Custom Lift and Slide
  • Bieber Exterior Outswing Windows
  • Bieber Exterior Awning Windows
  • Bieber Exterior Fixed windows
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