Bieber’s Lift & Slide Door is the right fit with multipanels and pocketing.

Bieber’s Lift & Slide Doors are fabricated in both wood and metal clad wood construction styles, with numerous combinations and solutions available to suit custom applications to blend your design. Perfect for parties, indoor/outdoor spaces, or simply enhancing any room, Lift and Slide Door by Bieber are extraordinary doorways to panoramic views.

What is Bieber Lift and Slide ?

One of the most popular types of European door hardware is called lift-and-slide. This hardware is designed to support extremely large door panels, primarily wood panels. They slide open, in some cases slide into wall pockets, creating an environment where the interior of a home closely overlaps with the exterior and nature. Hardware that support the ease of movement for these large and heavy panels must function smoothly, making operation by the homeowner almost effortlessly.

The flush mount handle is engineered for simplicity. Users may control the door with ease, simply by performing the twisting motion.

How does a Bieber Lift and Slide work?

This is no ordinary sliding door – our Lift and Slides Doors create virtual moving walls of wood-framed glass panels that stack or disappear into a pocket, opening up living spaces to the outdoors.

The weight of the panels rests on the solid floor surface and compresses the weather-stripping, creating a weather-resistant seal.

When you activate each handle, the panel lifts up onto its wheeled carriages, enabling it to slide easily and quietly along its track.


Customized Lift & Slide Doors

Our panels are manufactured out of 3 ply solid wood with an optional exterior aluminum or bronze cladding for virtually free maintenance. We offer Aluminum extruded tracks for improved weather performance, or a recessed track that can be made out of stainless steel for better durability and resistance to corrosion. You will have 200 colors available to choose from and we also stain or paint directly at the factory, a superior finish that minimizes UV fading.

Bieber’s Lift and Slide are made from quality hardwoods with optional custom features to complement your project’s design. Configure your door today and experience the seamless blending of your indoor and outdoor environments.

Why choose Lift and Slide Doors?

The panels of the Lift and Slide door can be fully slid into a pocket in the wall, rendering them invisible for maximum brightness and fascinating possibilities for design.

The lack of a conventional threshold, there are only tiny, barely noticeable tracks, means the interior and exterior flooring can be seamlessly fit into one another, posing no obstacle when you walk in or out.

The trend-setting Lift and Slide door was created for sophisticated, state of the art. It stands for pure living elegance, tailored perfectly to the Bieber aluminum clad wood windows.

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