Window Solar Water Heater  | Solar Water Heating Built In The window

The solar collector in insulated glass units

Window Solar Water Heater – The solar collector in insulated glass units

Use your facades to get your warm water and cover your heating or cooling needs!

The Robin Sun Solar Thermal Glass is a reinforced Insulated Glass Unit (I.G.U.) used to integrate a semi-transparent solar thermal collector for the production mainly of heating and sanitary hot water and the protection of summer comfort (fixe shaded).

Water heather glass


configuration of solar water heater glass

Solar water heating build in the glass scheme

As a conventional flat plate collector its connection per fitting, gives an easy access directly from the floor, and can be organized from inside or outside of the building. The energy intercepted by the solar glass collector is transferred to a storage and can be used in form of warm water, space heating or cooling assistance, … Example : 7 m² of the Solar glass collector Robin Sun installed in Munich, permits to cover around 60% of the warm water need of a family of 4 persons.

technical data energy saving water heater buildt in the glass

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how the glass is build ?

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