What is Optiwin windows ?

OPTIWIN is an international cooperation of medium-sized window manufacturers, who have made it their goal to develop and market innovative construction components, in particular energy efficient optiwin windows systems that are also suitable for the passive house, with an ecological and economic approach.

Weather-resistant wood

For the exterior layer OPTIWIN uses mainly woods like larch or oak. These woods are naturally very weather-resistant making external surface treatment unnecessary. For the interior, spruce or fir are suitable wood types as they possess the appropriate density and excellent static characteristics.

 Advantages of Optiwin windows:

Suitable for all window types (multi-sash, custom designs, sash bars…)

Interior layer implemented as a statically bearing structure

Short renovation times thanks to removable exterior layer

Interior wood types: fir, spruce, larch, oak

Removable aluminium exterior layer

Slender frame, elegant design

Custom colour schemes for interior and exterior

Special functions: sound insulation, sun protection and intrusion prevention

Custom detailed planning

As low as UW 0.70 W/m²K (Ug 0.5 W/m²K)

Certified thermal bridge free connection (PHI Darmstadt)

For renovations, also possible without frame insulation (UW value determined according to respective installation situation)

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