European Windows | Bieber’s story & Craftsmanship

Bieber has been and continues to be a leader in technology and product innovations.

We utilize engineered computer driven laser guided joinery machinery, state-of-the-art flow-coat conveyer finishing systems, space age sealants and glazing compounds, along with the finest European window systems fenestration hardware and high performance glass to provide complete design flexibility while ensuring beauty, longevity and energy efficiency.

While innovating and being at the forefront of development!  BIEBER Windows, with the hard work of our employees , now produce over 35,000 doors and windows per year. We are growing with the economic development while feeling we fully responsible global consequences of the production of windows and doors made to measure. We have integrated long-term imperatives : sustainable development, innovation and aesthetics.

The Bieber’s story !

Bieber, A master maker

As a Master craftsman, it requires windows and doors to be designed with intelligence and requirement.

Artisans craft and passion , so close to the realities of our customers, we serve a coherent and comprehensive manner. That is why we design both wood doors and windows and the aluminum and bronze clad series. Today, we are recognized as a joinery specialists declined in Wood, aluminum & bronze clad wood with optional triple glazed low energy.

True to our craft origins , we remembered the good gesture of respect, materials, job well done , our employees and therefore our customers. Our values are those of an economic and industrial development mastered that takes into account all aspects of our economic , social and natural environment. Since the beginning , we respect the resources we use , men and women who implement them and obviously the product life cycle (VOCs).

That is why our commitment to sustainable development is not a recent discovery , nor the desire to be fashionable . It fits logically into our tradition.

Rigor & creativity

We wanted that growth to takes place in accordance with our values. We also know that the environment and working conditions have a significant influence on productivity and especially for the health of a company.

The purpose of the investment : WORKING IN GOOD CONDITIONS

In our business model, the timber holds a special place . We offer fsc wood and clad windows and doors. Our company is actually associated with the fight against the deforestation of tropical forests. The FSC label guarantees the preservation of biological diversity , the rights of indigenous peoples and forest workers while maintaining the economic viability of forestry and timber trade. All our developments take into account environmental considerations into all phases of product designs : it is a type approaches eco-design.

Our strengths and our achievements

Because we are from the crafts we developed based on customer customization and taking into account the specific needs of the relationship. We integrate these values every day in our evolution to meet your most diverse and demanding applications .

• Experienced Specialist joinery team with a human face .

BIEBER ,from design to delivery.

To better satisfy its customers, it has adapted its industrial manufacturing constraints for the implementation of customized products through numerous investments and also by the development of an Integrated engineering Department.

Sustainable Development

Share good ideas and good behavior ! For us , sustainable development means good sense, savings ,humility ,responsibility and above all hope. Hope in the progress and course in human nature … ! We decided to address this requirement with pragmatism.

Our job is a manual trade ; So naturally we like concrete acts. For us, there are no little things when there are thousands if not millions to do, day after day. We invite you to share your ideas and sustainable behavior, because, as we said, “The progress is meaningless if it is shared by all !”

The investment BIEBER 2008

Sustainable project

All employees are involved in the project with the main goal; ecological and economic with the following:

  1. Dispose of waste
  2. Use of renewable energy as much as possible
  3. Eliminate all forms of pollution
  4. Develop a production cycle environmentally & optimizing transport of people.
  5. Transmit the principles of sustainable development stakeholders
  6. Sustainable trade relationships Bieber uses an environmental management system based on the strength of the proposal of a steering group of sustainable development and the integration of environmental impacts in major company decisions (investment, repository…)
  • An awareness of all employees on environmental quality (reduction of energy consumption , optimization of business trips…)
  • An offer produced based on sustainable development (eco-design , thermal and acoustic performance , recyclables , etc. )
  • An organization of production tool that aims to reduce packaging waste recovery , streamline our transportation, etc. Aluminum BIEBER used for our windows is compatible with sustainable development :
  • 75 % of production comes from primary aluminum produced from hydropower, renewable energy.
  • The remaining 25% comes from recycled aluminum
  • This recycled aluminum uses only 5% of energy in its re-operation
  • 100% of aluminum production waste is recycled.

Alsace region, a tradition of luxury craftsmanship Bieber’s factory is located in a very dynamic neighborhood close to other renown world wide luxury brands factory like Bugatti auto maker, Lalique Cristal, Cristal Saint Louis, Smart Car.

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