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A disctinctive aspect of Bieber’s Capability is without doubt our remarkable flexibility wich permit creative solutions for the most demanding designers and architects with exterior folding doors.

The bi-fold door perfectly demonstrates the stable and durable nature of Bieber Architectural Windows’s products. Aluminium is used as the base material and wood as the cladding, creating a high degree of rigidity in one element, in which everything fits perfectly together.

As the panels open towards, you don’t need to create any space for them inside. And when they are opened, raindrops land on the terrace instead of the foor.

And a nice benefit: If you open the door after a rain shower, the water automatically drains to the outside, leaving everything dry inside.

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 Bieber Folding Doors allows large opening clearance with ease of opening. The Bieber folding doors is most frequently used to open a complete wall, creating a larger opening space with an attractive door arrangement.

Available in multiple configuration inward or outward with an active panel as a regular door, Bieber’s folding doors is the perfect fit for your large openning design in all wood series or cladded in aluminum or bronze clad series.

The system is constructed using a frame in which moveable sashes/openers are placed in such a way that it is possible to fold up the sashes to the left or right.

These sashes are supported and hinged to each other and the fold is supported at the base by a roller mechanism which slides along the sill profile.

Our Folding doors hardware makes the handling of Folding doors for large openings up to a frame width with simplicity and comfort.

  • All door elements are folded and pushed to the side to save space for optimum room use
  • An integral Tilt & Turn sash can be used as a passage or for ventilation like a terrace or balcony door independently of the folding elements
  • Variable opening types, opening inwards or outwards
  • Energy-efficient, barrier-free comfort threshold with improved isothermal efficiency
  • Optimised bogies on ball bearings, with quiet rollers made of PVC instead of stainless steel for more comfort and durability
  • Small brushes in the rollers ensure a largely dirt-free roller track
  • A cover strip with anti-slide grooves protects against soiling in the passage area

The barrier-free version of our folding doors system with the near flush-fit enhanced threshold allows access to the conservatory or to the cafe terrace without tripping or stumbling. So no falling over on your way in or out.

  • Energy-efficient, barrier-free comfort threshold with improved isothermal efficiency
  • Barrier-free living, e.g. for families with small children or in nursing homes, disabled people’s homes or buildings
  • A cover strip with anti-slide grooves protects against soiling in the passage area

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