Raw Material Selection

Raw Material – Bieber’s tradition of crafting exceptional quality windows and doors starts with the careful selection of superior materials.

From the woods we use, to the finest engineered hardware and high performance energy efficient glass, we skillfully select the perfect fenestration materials to insure outstanding performance and enduring beauty year after year.

Some of the most commonly used wood species to manufacture Mahogany doors and Oak doors:

Exotic Red Mahogany

Red Mahogany is a beautiful evenly grained light reddish brown wood.
Its exceptional strength and longevity combined with its ability to accept a wide variety of rich stains has made red Mahogany a traditional favorite of wood craftsman for centuries.

The Bieber family has handcrafted select Mahogany timbers into authentic European windows and doors for over 75 years.

French Oak

French Oak is the ‘other’ traditional hardwood that has been a favorite of craftsmen for centuries to build fine furniture, boats, windows, doors, and of course French Wine Barrels!

It has a rich luxuriously textured grain that literally exudes strength and character. Bieber’s French Oak varies in color from almost white to a light brown tan.
This specie readily accepts stains and varnishes capable of producing incredibly deep beautiful finishes ranging in color from light honey to dark antique.

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