Bieber Multipoint Doors

The multipoint locking system provide superior locking ability for increased security and improved impermeability. This locking mechanism is engineered to fulfill the highest security requirements.

What is Bieber Multipoint Hardware?

Multipoint Hardware – The best way to describe multipoint door locking hardware is to contrast it with the more common single point hardware found on most doors.

  • single point mortise lock consists of a latch and deadbolt only. The deadbolt provides the single locking point between the door and jamb.
  • multipoint mortise lock has multiple locking points which simultaneously lock into place through the action of a continuous travel drive rail. This drive rail is usually activated by lifting the door handle. We offer a shootbolt system which provides a minimum of three to five locking points multipoint hardware, built in a rail system.


  • Active doors use different hardware than inactive doors.
  • An inactive door is the secondary functioning door in a pair of French doors. This door can only be opened after the active door has been opened.
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