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12 Reason why Bieber Architectural Windows and Doors are superior

1. Bieber is present in the US to ensure a great quality product with the local presence and a great service. Everything is handled hassle free for clients.

2. Bieber does the shop drawings in the US. This facilitates communications and attention to local concerns.

3. Bieber’s Hardware is generally very robust, and significantly Increases the size potential for window openings.

4. Bieber uses certified glued for its 3 ply-wood proven effective against twisting and warping (Bieber’ standard frame is 2 3/4″).

5. Bieber has over 80 years of experience in the window and door craftsmanship. We deliver a true original European windows.

6. Bieber uses the latest microwave drying method which allows the stain to seal and dries wood instantly. A standard finish usually takes 6 month to dry up completely. With this innovation, Bieber ensure one of the best finish available in the market.

7. Bieber has experience of dozens of large projects, knows and understands the US market. We have the expertise to accommodate your needs.

8. Bieber offers the option of concealed hinges. The result is an aesthetically appealing look.

9. Bieber offers outswing and inswing windows and doors with retractable or fixed screen with the latest hardware technology.

10. Bieber delivers a finished product including under clad and weatherstrips. We offer a large selection of hardware and a wide choice of colors and stains.

11. Bieber Windows and Doors are more secure. All products have multi-point locking gear system – peace of mind and security for your home when you are away.

12. Bieber’s multi glass options: capable to deliver a double pane glass up to 15′ width and 10′ tall, also available from a single pane, triple pane, decorative glass, thermal, sound, and UV resistant.

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